Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery



Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Online security threats have increased considerably in recent years, with a 42% increase in targeted attacks. Research reveals that companies of all sizes are at risk.

Today, more than ever, it has become vital and strategic to implement a Disaster Recovery solution and, as an extra, a Business Continuity solution that allows the IT staff to concentrate on higher-earning activities, having the peace of mind to be relying on a high-availability solution for any emergency.

TT Tecnosistemi is a reliable partner for safeguarding company data and has assisted clients for years in:

- Designing solutions for data replication between business locations

- Designing and implementing Business Continuity solutions

- Creating and verifying Disaster Recovery Plan documents

- Providing Certified Hardware and Plant Equipment for new CEDs

TT Tecnosistemi offers a Disaster Recovery Solution based on Cloud computing and latest-generation technologies that ensure 24/7 data and application security and availability.

Cost-efficient, scalable and secure, TT Cloud Disaster Recovery is the result of the integration of cutting-edge technologies - network storage solutions, virtualised environments and a monitoring system to ensure that the latest copy is held.

The solution is based on the main TT Tecnosistemi Data Centre, located in an area that is not potentially subject to seismic activity, connected via fibre-optics to our headquarters and with direct Internet access to the national backbones with the following features:

• 24-hour surveillance

• Anti-intrusion system

• Complete redundancy at all levels

• Intrusion prevention

• Intrusion detection

• Data protection

• Firewall

• Monitoring

• DDoS protection

• Automatic system for checking SLAs




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