TT Tecnosistemi was founded in 1984, as a company devoted to the sale of innovative IT solutions for standard hardware and software tools for small- and medium-sized enterprises, what is also known as the ICT sector. Despite its 30 years of activity and 150-strong staff, the company is still as streamlined and flexible as a startup, always sticking to the needs of its clients.
Over time, TT Tecnosistemi has progressively evolved by expanding its product and service catalogue, extending its target towards larger users, proposing solutions for public entities, and technological solutions for teaching, enhancing their know-how to become one of the largest companies in Italy, able to design, implement, and deliver any level of ICT solution. Simple hardware and software have, over time, given way to tailor-made solutions adapted to individual needs. From business intelligence to augmented, immersive and interactive virtual reality, through to projects dedicated to smart cities and digital media, such as online brand management, E-commerce and apps for mobile devices.
One of the key strengths of TT Tecnosistemi lies in what the company considers to be its greatest asset: its human resources. In fact, what makes the experience of buying a solution in TT Tecnosistemi unique is coming into contact with the human technology, a method of operating that gives value to ideas and not to data, to men and women, not to machines. TT Tecnosistemi's clients can count on an efficient business and technical structure that supports the client each step of the way, from choosing the best product to installation, training and after-sales services.
TT Tecnosistemi is able to provide IT products and services under extremely competitive conditions. The primary objective is to create a relationship of continuity with the client, made stable by the trust and professionalism of their employees, supporting it in the digital transformation that can both improve the business and boost strategic and operational processes.
TT Tecnosistemi has been awarded the European certificates for environmental protection (ISO 14001), quality of services (ISO 9001) and information security (ISO 27001).
In addition, to ensure the high level of professionalism of its employees and collaborators, the company's human resources are constant training and regularly update their skills and knowledge, to obtain and retain the most prestigious IT certifications.IT.


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