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Luca Bencini
Head of Project and Innovation




Discover the technological solutions for Intelligent Agriculture

This solution for Intelligent Agriculture allows you to optimise processes for sustainable crop management. By positioning wireless sensors in the field, you will be able to create a Phenological Agenda and a Treatment Agenda.

You can protect your crops from the weather, programme irrigation, collect and interpret data, save on water consumption and maintenance of the cultivated area.

Specifically, our sensor system for agricultural use permits you to:

Save water with optimised irrigation

The moisture probes placed in the ground at two different depths allow you to assess stress conditions of water stress in the field and determine the different development times of the plant and the accumulated energy.

Save time with centralised irrigation

The web interface allows you to remotely activate all the solenoid valves connected to the system and to manage irrigation without having to visit the field.

Protect your crops from forecasted weather conditions

Real-time temperature and humidity measurements and predictive models allow you to assess the risk of frosts.

Web interface for data consultation

Control panel

The control panel is the access point for managing real-time weather data. The checks and values ​​are updated automatically without requiring manual actions, and include both current data and a summary of short-term statistical values. For certain variables, such as rain, the system also reports cumulative values, for 7 or 30 days.

Multifunction charts

Historical data analysis is performed with an extremely advanced graphical control that allows you to simultaneously display multiple magnitudes at the desired time intervals. It is possible to export the corresponding measurements in a file, as well as save the chart as a .jpeg image.

To find out more, please watch our presentation designed for Vineyards.

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