PON 2014-2020


Melania Landi
HR Manager


PON 2014-2020

School PON, 3 billion in financing for 2014-2020

More than € 3 billion in funding was provided by the new National Operational Program (PON) for strengthening training, student skills, innovation in learning environments (even in terms of school buildings) and teaching.

The structural funds, co-funded by the resources of ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the ESF (European Social Fund), will be issued in various amounts based on available resources and local needs linked to the school context and the socio-economic setting.


  • 20 regions
  • 8,730 schools
  • 3 milioni students
  • 250,000 teachers and staff
  • 200,000 adults

The Goals

  • Innovative school buildings
  • Technological enhancement of schools
  • Professional development of teaching, administrative and support staff
  • Key and transversal skills development
  • Reduction in the dropout numbers
  • Promotion of school-work alternation paths
  • Encouragement in the acquisition of skills useful in the labour market
  • Dissemination of e-government and open data


  • Axis I - General Education
  • Axis II - Infrastructure
  • Axis III - Public Administration
  • Axis IV - Technical Assistance

How to join

Each school, using the tools provided by the Ministry, will have to deliver an Improvement Plan, integrating it with the Training Offer Plan, on the basis of a self-assessment of its needs, of the most critical factors, and integrated with the proposals of actions that the school intends to undertake.

If you need a free consultation or operating support to submit your project, please contact us at edu@tecnosistemi.com

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