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Jeanne Gallina
Marketing & Communication Manager




The supply of digital education services is a result of a ten-year experience with the teaching and learning technology.

After supporting hundreds of schools in choosing the right technology and installing thousands of devices in the classes of all types and cycles, we felt the need to offer a real "Service Menu" that would allow the Principals, Teachers and Personnel to effectively utilise technological equipment.

With the National Digital School Plan, the technologies are becoming increasingly heavily involved in the Teaching Programme of the Italian Schools, and proper management of the technological tools is therefore important for achieving the training goals.

Evolutionary and corrective maintenance services for:

  • LIM, Multimedia projectors, multi-brand interactive panels. In contract or on-call mode
  • Computer classroom services (modification, reinstallation of operating systems, reorganisation with open source operating systems, hardware and software upgrades, controlled internet access, management and optimisation of Internet and bandwidth accesses)
  • Solutions for learning environment and platforms
  • Intranet and Internet content-sharing and distribution solutions
  • Assembly and reallocation of devices and equipment
  • Evolutionary and corrective maintenance services, assistance with the secretarial office equipment (PC, Server, backup units and NASs, Printers, and Scanners)
  • Technical support services for Secretariats (client/server network system configuration, local or network printer configuration, email, data backup, internet or intranet access)
  • Windows, Mac and Linux environment software and services
  • Hardware and software services and support for Wi-Fi and cabled local networks (installation, configuration, management, customisation of switches, routers, internal and external access points, gateways, firewalls etc.)
  • Certified training pathways for the use of: LIM, projectors and interactive panels, classroom and laboratory devices, e-learning and sharing platforms

Operating Modes and Service Activation

The service is valid yearly from 1st January to 31st December of each year (calendar year). The service offers easy activation, enabling the Institution to request the use of differentiated resources in skills but not in the cost, by accessing a time window that can be articulated depending on the support needs.

Upon the first activation of the service, you will be able to access an initial cataloguing service to provide an report on the installed equipment status and on possible criticalities to be able to plan any corrective action to ensure the maximum efficiency and availability of the technologies.

The service is accessed by calling the TT Tecnosistemi support centre or communicating via email or fax

School assistance services are available in 10-, 20- and 50-hour bundles or in Full-Service mode after evaluating the installed equipment and the service requirements.

Contact the TT Edu team to find out how to activate support services for your school:

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