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Luca Bencini
Head of Project and Innovation



Immersive and interactive virtual reality

TT | VR 360 Intriguing, immersive and interactive environments.

Are you ready to transform training into an extraordinary experience for your collaborators, having them work side-by-side even if they are on opposite sides of the world?

Are you looking for a new marketing tool to make the exhibition area of ​​your events an engaging and interactive environment for the public, without spending a fortune?

Arising in the field of gaming, today's immersive and interactive virtual reality is the ideal tool to revolutionise some of the major contexts traditionally managed via the physical presence of objects and people:

  • TRAINING, in-house or for end customers, and PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. Distances mean nothing, given that users can interact and collaborate with each other and with real objects and settings. The cost of travel is reduced dramatically and the timing is immediate!
  • MARKETING/EVENTS. Choosing virtual reality in designing an exhibition space at fairs and events means having an eye-catching promotional tool and amazing potential that will help you increase contacts and present your brand in an innovative and original way, as well as reduce the presentation costs, cutting down on shipment, machinery and equipment to be exhibited. Imagine showing your products in an environment where you can move, where you can interact with machines, disassemble them, inspect them, test their operation and demonstrate their features as if they were really there!
  • DESIGN. You can customise and configure materials and spaces to test a prototype in real-time or to assist and motivate the customer during the sales process.

The content will be created based on the data already present within the company (e.g., CAD drawings, rendering, etc) or from scratch, to the highest-quality standards. The result can be enjoyed using the latest virtual reality viewers (HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Cardboard or the best on the market at the time) and made available on social media channels for perfect integration with your communication strategy (Facebook, Youtube, etc.).

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