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The main devices to support learning

We can help you buy, install, and support the best devices for the school world, providing advice and assistance in finding the best answer to your personal needs, as well as to those of your class or institution.

The Digital Educational Devices, thanks to their extreme ease of use and their transversal character, are able to offer schools, universities, research organisations, teachers, and students the unique opportunity at low prices. Tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks, chromebooks, desktops, monitors and projectors help build a dynamic, interactive, and always-connected learning environment.

Notebooks for teaching


Acer travelMate Spin B118

Acer TravelMate Spin B118 notebook is designed for school which, thanks to its robust but lightweight design, protects and simplifies the study. Its reinforced body protects it from bumps and falls, the keyboard with draining technology eliminates any water that might accidentally spill on the notebook thus protecting the internal electrical circuits.

LED Acer B118

LED with 4 colours

The cover contains a 4-colour LED which allows the teacher to keep track of the status and of the students' learning process and to make the classroom more dynamic. Thanks to the LED lighting, teachers can create and send quizzes and surveys to the entire class or smaller groups.

b118 2

These notebooks respond to the needs of primary, secondary and higher education institutions. The machines are reliable and easy to use, help students explore outside the box and allow teachers to keep up with today's hi-tech world.

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Tablets and 2-in-1 devices

2-in-1 devices are intuitive and specifically designed to allow students to learn in a fun and engaging way.


LIMs are still one of the most appreciated devices in the classroom. By entrusting yourself to TT Tecnosistemi, you will be working with a supplier who can ensure complete purchase management, offering pre-sale advice, helping you select the device that fits your institution's needs, providing installation and maintenance, as well as offering training on using the LIM devices.

Multimedia video projectors

Multimedia video projectors allow you to interact with images projected onto any surface, where you can freely draw, write, enlarge images , interact with presentations and text documents. Competitive pricing makes multimedia video projectors an excellent alternative to LIM.

Touchscreen monitors

Touchscreens are the ultimate evolution of LIM. They are all-in-one monitors, ranging from 50 to 84 inches. These monitors ensure excellent management of content with Full-HD or 4K resolution and reduce the minimum costs related to management and maintenance as they do not entail any consumable components, unlike LIMs and projectors.

Tools for Creative Workshops and Ateliers

The many devices we have selected for each level and form of institution enable schools to design highly-innovative and interactive laboratories and ateliers, able to convey the notions through practical experience.

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