Cookie Policy

TT Tecnosistemi S.p.a. respects the privacy of its visitors in accordance with the European privacy and cookies guidelines.
Below, we provide some clarification on our policy regarding the use of cookies, what they are, and how to use them.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file that a website sends to the visitor’s computer to store short strings of text. Cookies are safe and cannot harm the user’s computer, steal information nor violate the privacy of the visitor. Cookies are used only to store some statistical visit data for statistical purposes (such as pages visited) and to improve site usage.

Why does TT Tecnosistemi S.p.a. use cookies?
The primary goal is to make our site more effective and better understand our visitors, to make the information and services more effective and timely.

What kind of cookie does TT Tecnosistemi S.p.a. use and why?
We use different kinds of cookies for various reasons:

  • TT Tecnosistemi S.p.a. uses session cookies, being temporary cookies that expire and are automatically deleted each time the browser is closed and the visit concluded. These cookies are only intended to improve site usage, access to content, and allow blog comments.
  • We use permanent cookies in some cases. These cookies still have an expiration date and can therefore remain in your browser until they expire, or until they are manually deleted. We use persistent cookies for features such as the “Stay connected” tickbox, which makes it possible for registered users to return to the site without having to fully download the page; we also use persistent cookies to better understand usage patterns so we can improve the site for our clients.

What other cookies could I encounter on this site?
We have set up some third-party and social media sharing services (such as Facebook) or some Google tracking services on this site to improve site usage statistics. In this case, third-party services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or Pinterest may use cookies for content-sharing purposes (for example, allow your authentication on Facebook).

Does TT Tecnosistemi S.p.a use this data for advertising purposes?
No. The behavioural data obtained from our website is not transferred to third parties nor used for any commercial purpose.

How do I clear or disable cookies?
If you want to delete or disable cookies, see:

If I turn off cookies, will the site still work?
It is also possible to visit the site without enabling cookies, but some advanced features may be deactivated because they require cookies to be enabled.

Where can I find more information about Cookies?
You can access the European guidelines on cookies, by click on the following link.

For more information about cookies or how to implement cookies control on your website, please write to