Digital School, at the IC Darsena di Viareggio, the hall transforms into an Open Space classroom



Furnishings and Innovative Technologies transform the grand hall of theIstituto Comprensivo Darsena into an Open Space classroom, open to all. The previously-unused space has now become themeeting place for pupils and teachers , turning it into the focal point of the institute like an Agora in a Greek Polis.

We asked Professor Barbara Caterini, the Principal of the Institute, to tell us a bit more about the joint project with TT Tecnosistemi, funded by the PON 2014-2020 funds, which was officially inaugurated in March 2017.

From an unused space to the central meeting point of the Institute. This is such an intriguing project, please tells us more!

This project represents the final phase in a series of actions, established both with local funding and with school investments from 2014 through the entire reorganisation of the network, wiring, and wireless set-up of the Institute.

Over the years, our goal has been to change and renew the learning environment, with the dual result of stimulating the pupils and allowing the teachers to renew their teaching methods. This latter goal is fundamental for us, as today's students are very different from those we had before us a few years ago, in needing continuous motivation.

The Aula Open Space project

For this project developed with the PON 2014-2020 funds, we have specifically focused on a particular area of ​​the school: the main hall. Within our Institute, we have several large halls with huge corridors, but until a few months ago, they were not utilised. To exploit them fully, we came up with the idea of ​​organising these spaces into a common area for students and teachers, hence our multifunctional classroom was born, from an unused room.

Inside this classroom, we have provided a high-definition projector and a projection screen, which can be used when needed. It can also be used as a backdrop for theater productions that will be organised at the Institute. In addition, we also installed an audio deck, including a mixer, amplifier, and speakers.

We already have the next investment for the classroom in mind: new microphones, a spotlight for our theatre performances, and some beanbags to improve functionality during meetings and performances.

How is the Open Space classroom used?

In order to avoid any disruption to lessons during the morning classes, video projection sessions are organised in the afternoons and evenings, as well as > on Saturday mornings. In addition to using multimedia, we also organise theatre sessions that will take place in the classroom from time to time. Another important function of the open space is that of a meeting area. This space is where faculty members and students can meet every day upon the ring of the bell, in that we are experimenting with the project "Education in Movement" within our Institute.

A space open to all

In addition, thanks to the set-up we have created, with 70 new colourful seats and numerous counters that form islands, the space can become the perfect place to work in groups and complete workshop activities. The large number of seats also allows us to ensure the opening of the classroom to the general public, for local and non-local initiatives.

How did TT Tecnosistemi support the creation of the classroom?

We appreciated TT Tecnosistemi's support, especially in terms of their availability and collaboration in finding the most appropriate and affordable solution on the market, as well as their outstanding assistance in submitting the required documentation in accordance with the strict timelines dictated by < Strong> the Ministry and the administrative management of the project.

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