Carapelli Firenze was founded in 1893 in Montevarchi by Costantino Carapelli, a grain and oil trader. After being put on hold due to the Second World War, Carapelli renewed his work, focusing on new production technologies and within a few years, became a clear leader in the Italian market. Today, the company is number one in Italy in the extra-virgin olive oil market.

Since 2006, Carapelli Firenze became part of the Deoleo international group, further expanding its global vision. Today, it manages and coordinates the Group's brands around the world, selling 200 million kg of oil per year.


The expiration of the previous leasing contract, but above all the need to increase the productivity of its employees, has triggered the process of renewing the corporate IT environments. With a PC fleet of around 3-4 years old and even more obsolete printers, both user productivity, management activities and technological maintenance began to become problematic.


TT Tecnosistemi supported the entire renewal process, entirely replacing both the printer and PC fleet, aiming towards multifunctions with the mobile printing capabilities and on the HP EliteBooks.

In total, the technology renewal concerned about 150 laptops, split between HP EliteBook 2560p and HP EliteBook 8460p models, all equipped with a docking station and monitor, and some thirty HP Compaq 6200 Pro desktop PCs with HP Le2002x monitors, designed especially for production and fixed workstations that are not subject to any kind of moving.

As for printers, Carapelli has chosen 60 models with a range of features, including 22 multifunction printers for the sales force, all equipped with Airport drivers to print comfortably even from mobile devices such as tablets.

TT Tecnosistemi has partnered with Carapelli throughout the long phase of analysis, providing the appropriate documents, comparing test results, findings and supplying the machines.

The main phases of the roll-out were the installation by TT Tecnosistemi of the operating system image on all laptops, so that Carapell's IT division only had to add the software used in the company and proceed with the customisation for each individual user, thus significantly reducing the use of IT resources for the distribution phase.


Thanks to this machine fleet equipment updating, Carapelli has achieved significant savings on its printer fleet, reducing the number of machines by 15, as well as saving funds thanks to the commercial formula. Fewer IT resources need to be dedicated to the maintenance and management of printers and PCs, while the increasing efficiency in consumables management is fully delegated to the partner.

The sales force is now enjoying the use of powerful mobile devices and printers that can support them.

The reliability, robustness and performance of the new devices ensure better business continuity.