ACF Fiorentina




The project arose from the need for ACF Fiorentina to automate and render faster some of the relevant processes of its Human Resources Office.

"As often occurs in the sporting field, we have a high turnover of collaborators," explains Andrea Ragusin, ICT Manager of the Company, "hence, we sought a solution to streamline document delivery procedures, which were previously issued manually and on paper, taking up a great deal of time. The solution acquired for this purpose is ARXivar software, with the support of TT Tecnosistemi. Through a portal, the software provides employees and collaborators with access at any time from their PCs > or mobiles to a series of personal documents, such as Payroll, Tax Returns, Bills, regulations, internal procedures etc... This process can be done by logging-in to one's own personal page using a username and password, even if the collaboration period with the Company is over.


Using a single file, the Human Resources Office inserts employee data - for example, payslips - within the software that, thanks to an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system, is able to read and tag them, directing them to their relative users. Thus, every collaborator can easily find all of his or her documentation on their personal page. The system has been in use for approximately one year, used by all Company employees and already contains 10,000 documents. The Fiorentina ACF outlook is now extending to using the platform in its Buying Office and all of the administration.


ACF Fiorentina is a football club born in 1926 from the merger of the two ancient city clubs, Club Sportivo Firenze and Palestra Ginnica Fiorentina Libertas. In 2006, the club went bankrupt and was bought by the Della Valle family, who rebuilt it with the imposing name of ACF Fiorentina S.p.a. Società professionistica di calcio. Today, Fiorentina is in the A Series of the Italian championships. The company has an annual turnover of 100 million euro and about 200 employees. The football club is part of the ACF Fiorentina Group and controls two other companies: Promesse Viola srl, which manages food, accommodation, transport and assistance to the athletes in the youth sector, and Firenze Viola srl, owner of the "Fiorentina" brands and trophies of the former AC Fiorentina, as well as owner of the commercial utilisation of the stadium and the brands. In 2015, the Group also acquired a female A Series team and presented the Fiorentina Women's Football Club to the world. The goal of this new project is to contribute to the growth of a discipline that has a great following around the world (1 million registered female footballers in Germany, 90 thousand in England), but is still underdeveloped in Italy (only 20,000 registered professional female players). ACF Fiorentina is the first professional company in the country to have a female team in the A Series.



The use of this dedicated platform has favoured the staff to view or download their documents wherever they might be, without having to visit the company headquarters. At the same time, it has brought clear benefits to the Human Resources Office, thus revolutionising the time-frame typically required for various documents.